Earlier this year an inaccurate and defamatory statement, about MAIA President Walt Missingham, was published on website controlled by Wellington martial arts instructor Ron Goninan.

Following legal intervention Mr. Goninan has removed the statement from the website and issued the following ‘Public Apology’:

“A recent Article appeared on this website apparently dated 16th April, 2016, and entitled “Oh before I forget”. The article contained statements which were defamatory of Mr Walter Missingham, and were both inaccurate and false. I unreservedly apologise for any mis-statement, hurt or distress caused to Mr Missingham by these false statements.”

Walt Missingham’s costs in this matter have been paid by Mr. Goninan.

It is noted that, on the 17th November 2016, Mr. Goninan announced: “have recently made a decision to withdraw from Social media and close down all current Facebook pages.”



Oceania Kung Fu Wushu Federation President Walt Missingham has today advised that the IWUF Executive Board held its 32nd meeting on November 14th, 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia, it was decided by the EB that the name of the World Traditional Wushu Championships will be officially changed to the World Kungfu Championships, namely, the 7th World Kungfu Championships for the2017 edition.

Walt commented; “I have been pushing for this change for some time so it is
good that it is finally done. This is an important and proactive step in
improving the ‘brand recognition’ for our sport internationally.”



History was made at the 2015 World Wushu Championships when Elizabeth Lim won Australia’s first ‘World Wushu Championships’ Gold Medal.

“Elizabeth Lim has work tremendously hard. She started competing for Australia since 2007 and has improved at every Championships since then. This occasion, on her 5th time she represented Australia, she finally became World Champion, despite carrying a meniscus tear injury in her left knee going into the Championships. I am very proud of her”

KEE LEE TAN – Head Taolu Coach Australian Team 2015 World Wushu Championship

“On behalf of Kung Fu Wushu Australia and the broader Chinese martial arts community I extend our sincere congratulations and thanks to Elizabeth Lim who has won Australia’s first gold medal at the World Wushu Championships. In doing this Elizabeth has achieved much at a personal level but equally she has established herself as an ambassador for kung fu/.wushu in Australia. Her manner, humility and grace compliments her amazing technical ability. Well Done!”
Walt Missingham. President Kung Fu Wushu Australia

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John_Bennett_Sanda medal_at_WorldWushuChampionship

Following the recent successes at the 13th World Wushu Championships Australia have moved into a top 13 position in the world rankings ahead of such significant countries as USA, Japan, England and France.

The Complete Australia Team comprised of:

IWUF Committee Representatives:

Walt Missingham (IWUF Marketing and Development Committee & Australian Delegate to IWUF Congress); Shao Zhao Ming (IWUF Technical Committee & International Judge); Kee Lee Tan (IWUF Medical Committee & Head Coach Taolu Team); Angelique Choo (IWUF Athletes Committee); Ramesh Patel (International Judge).

Sanda Team:
Head Coach Rob Williams, Assistant Coach Andrew Finch ,Team Manager Stephen Long, Medic Claudia Long Kumiai-Ryu

Bevan Chia, Reginald Sudarsana, John Bennett, Wahab Mahadwi, Sam Williams, Amanda Cass.

Taolu Team: Coach:
LiGuang Yu, Team Manager: Michelle Woon, Medic: Kenning Leong

Corey Johnstone, Elizabeth Lim, Joanna Lim, Melvin Tan; Reagan Tan, Joshua Lim, Jessica Lim, Shane Cedric Chung

“Best results ever for Australia so far. Finally we have a World Champion. A tribute to the continual development of wushu kungfu in Australia”

“For me personally it was the best team atmosphere I have be engaged with in my 7 year’s as Head Coach. The quality of the competition was second to none which is to be expected at a World event.

All the Australian Sanda fighters should hold their heads high as they gave their best and competed with spirit and determination. I was very proud of their efforts as all of Australia should be.

I thought Australia had been unlucky in the fact that we had drawn some of the top Sanda Countries in the world for our first rounds (China, Russia, and Vietnam). And for Australia to come away with our first ever medal for Sanda at a World Wushu Championship (Bronze to John Bennett) it was very special to be apart of”.

“A great step forward for Australia, this event was a turning point as Australia really started to get noticed. Our thanks goes to the athletes, officials and coaches who give so selflessly their time, experience and hard work – well done everyone!”
Walt Missingham – President Kung Fu Wushu Australia